Risk Assessment

As  professional media producers we took the Risk Assessment very seriously and we took care of the health and safety of everyone.

We had legal permission to shoot in both locations.



The props for this project were purchased from Poundland and Coventry city center. Adina prepared a list. The props included loads of office objects, lunchboxes, coffee cups and a staple gun.


Minda was very inspired on the location part, because he found a very lovely park in Birmingham City Center. The flow of people was perfect on the shooting day. The natural light made it look very good but the downside of this part were the clouds which kept blocking the light. For the interior shot we used one of the study rooms from the library. We were able to transform it into a cubical as you can see in the footage. And with the proper props it looked like your usual company office.


As you know by now, the equipment was not a problem for the project. We used a JVC 700 for shooting, because we are not allowed yet to use the 5D’s. The jvc is a smooth camera to use, but we encountered some problems using it in the interior shots because the space was very limited and we did not have enough room to move the camera around, along with the tripods.

In therms of sound, Adina and me choose to use an H4N ZOOM Recorder, which we previously used in Iceland, on Snowblind. We are familiar with the H4N and did not encountered any problem with the sound. We also used boom poles, rifle mics and xlr cables. We found that it was a bit harder to record outside, cause of the constant sound change in the urban environment. I also booked out a couple of lights for the interior shoot, just in case we need to change the light but that was not necessary due to good lighting conditions.


Usually budget is a big concern, but with the help of the university which offered their support by providing us the equipment we needed, managed to escape with a low budget production. We had to spend money on the props, and the tickets and the food which we provided for the actors. Everyone invested ten pounds in this production. Let’s not forget the fact that we are students.


Because the team wasn’t large enough, each member had to receive two or more roles. I took the responsibility of the role alongside Adam. The time was very short and we had to find some actors for our short film. We wanted to use professional actors! Therefore we contacted four or five casting agencies and sites(  www.starnow.co.uk; www.castingnow.co.uk; www.castingcallpro.com; www.castingnetwork.co.uk ) . We sent loads of emails, adverts, but no responses. The situation was starting to aggravate! In the end, we managed to find three semiprofessional actors. From my point of view, and I tend to be very harsh when it comes to actors, but they managed impress me in a positive way. They acted very professional on the set and very friendly when they were not shooting.

Although it was very stressful to work  with us for this project, we got away only with their travel and lunch expenses which was very good for the budget. In the end they told us: “We had a great time working with you guys, and we are willing to do it again in the future!”. I found that you feel proud for a moment, and realize that you done a very good job in therms of actors and casting.


Indomania Productions

For this challenge as a group we decided to start our own “production company” called: Indomania Productions.

We came up with this name because our team was formed by 3 Indians and 3 Romanians. In the end we found out that we are going to have a new member in our team, Kurt Lambert. He agreed with this name and we started to work on the project.

Our task was to produce a 3 minutes short film. After a couple of meetings, Amrit came up with a brilliant idea, a funny short movie based on a very simple situation. Three mature men, who forget how to behave as grown-ups and  put themselves in embarrassing situations. The action took place in their office where they work together in the same cubical. But the main argument was over the bench, on which they enjoy themselves and fancy having their lunch.The only problem was the human nature. One does not simply enjoy the company of another individual. The fight was on!

After we finished organizing  the story, we started to think about the task in therms of production. What are we going to need? Which are the main targets? Everybody came up with an idea!

  1. Casting
  2. Budget
  3. Equipment
  4. Locations
  5. Props
  6. Risk Assessment