Because the team wasn’t large enough, each member had to receive two or more roles. I took the responsibility of the role alongside Adam. The time was very short and we had to find some actors for our short film. We wanted to use professional actors! Therefore we contacted four or five casting agencies and sites(;;; ) . We sent loads of emails, adverts, but no responses. The situation was starting to aggravate! In the end, we managed to find three semiprofessional actors. From my point of view, and I tend to be very harsh when it comes to actors, but they managed impress me in a positive way. They acted very professional on the set and very friendly when they were not shooting.

Although it was very stressful to work  with us for this project, we got away only with their travel and lunch expenses which was very good for the budget. In the end they told us: “We had a great time working with you guys, and we are willing to do it again in the future!”. I found that you feel proud for a moment, and realize that you done a very good job in therms of actors and casting.



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