As you know by now, the equipment was not a problem for the project. We used a JVC 700 for shooting, because we are not allowed yet to use the 5D’s. The jvc is a smooth camera to use, but we encountered some problems using it in the interior shots because the space was very limited and we did not have enough room to move the camera around, along with the tripods.

In therms of sound, Adina and me choose to use an H4N ZOOM Recorder, which we previously used in Iceland, on Snowblind. We are familiar with the H4N and did not encountered any problem with the sound. We also used boom poles, rifle mics and xlr cables. We found that it was a bit harder to record outside, cause of the constant sound change in the urban environment. I also booked out a couple of lights for the interior shoot, just in case we need to change the light but that was not necessary due to good lighting conditions.


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