Indomania Productions

For this challenge as a group we decided to start our own “production company” called: Indomania Productions.

We came up with this name because our team was formed by 3 Indians and 3 Romanians. In the end we found out that we are going to have a new member in our team, Kurt Lambert. He agreed with this name and we started to work on the project.

Our task was to produce a 3 minutes short film. After a couple of meetings, Amrit came up with a brilliant idea, a funny short movie based on a very simple situation. Three mature men, who forget how to behave as grown-ups and  put themselves in embarrassing situations. The action took place in their office where they work together in the same cubical. But the main argument was over the bench, on which they enjoy themselves and fancy having their lunch.The only problem was the human nature. One does not simply enjoy the company of another individual. The fight was on!

After we finished organizing  the story, we started to think about the task in therms of production. What are we going to need? Which are the main targets? Everybody came up with an idea!

  1. Casting
  2. Budget
  3. Equipment
  4. Locations
  5. Props
  6. Risk Assessment

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